Pride Transport

Jeff England started Pride Transport in 1979 after working in the transportation industry for the previous 20 years.
Pride Transport in its first year of business grossed 1 million dollars. After ten years in the refrigerated transportation industry Pride had grossed 16 million dollars and nearly doubled its revenue, reporting 31 million dollars in 1999.

As the company matured into its own, Pride began to diversify by hauling produce, frozen foods, high-tech hardware, pharmaceuticals, auto components, and sports gear just to name a few commodities. During that time, we also expanded to offer less than truckload service from the East to the West Coast.

Three decades after Jeff England started Pride Transport we were grossing 78 million dollars per year, with a 60% growth rate. That growth can be attributed to continuous diversity and and has been supplemented with the addition of a brokerage company, Pride Logistics. We are also able to provide distribution and local cartage services from our newest division, Pride Distribution Services.

Over the years we have sustained high levels of growth.
The growth stems from the can-do attitude from our employees and dedication to provide the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. We PRIDE ourselves in the ability to adapt to customers’ changing needs.


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“I want drivers to know this is a place where they can come to work and be recognized as individuals. We’d like to think this is a career company for someone who likes to drive a truck” Jeff England-Owner