Ship With Pride Logistics

Quality and reliability every time you ship

Shipping with Pride means you don’t have to worry about your load not making it to its destination

We give you the best of both worlds

Most shippers have multiple options to ship, but you can’t trust their quality. Pride Logistics provides the same.

We are a full asset-based partner, something most logistics providers can’t offer

Our unique combination of a logistical and asset based systems puts us ahead of the competition.

You can be assured that with our pre-screened carrier pool, we will deliver your freight on time and at the lowest possible cost to you!

No one looks out for our carriers like we do!


How does 40% load payment advance sound? That’s right; we pay you 40% of your load payment in advance upon loading. (Quick Pay fees apply) The remaining 60% is paid upon delivery with clean bills. It’s that simple. No hassles, no runaround, just great loads with guaranteed pay.

We keep you turning like no one else can. Dedicated Brokers know you and your business. You can work with the same Broker every time.

Are you factoring? If you haul for Pride you won’t have to. Our quick pay program is quick and easy and no contracts! When you haul with Pride we keep your cash flow coming so you don’t have to worry about your moment to moment needs.

Work for and Partner with PRIDE LOGISTICS

Pride is looking for qualified transportation professionals. CSR, Fleet Manager, Brokers, Agents call us and lets talk about how to make your experience in this industry really pay for you and your family. We are now offering terminal positions and work-from-home options.

Please feel free to submit your resume now. If you wish to speak with our Director of Logistics with any questions about Pride and the opportunities we have please call 800-877-1320 0800-1700 MST

The opportunities are endless